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Italia Domani, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

Strengthening of the Italian Research Infrastructure for Metrology and Open Access Data in support to the Agrifood


The book of abstracts from the METROFOOD-GR webinars on saffron cultivation in the era of climate change is available

What is the future of saffron cultivation in the era of climate change? This topic was discussed on May 16-17 during the webinars organized by METROFOOD-GR within the framework of METROFOOD-EPI.

farmer intent on distributing pesticides

Pesticides, the risk in Europe is the combination of several contaminants

In recent weeks, the latest EFSA report on pesticide residues in food within the European Union was published, providing an overview of the levels of residues found in a range of commonly consumed products. We asked Massimo Reverberi, Full Professor of Plant Pathology at the Department of Environmental Biology at Sapienza University of Rome, to comment on it.

World metrology day

The Importance of Metrology for the Agri-food Sector

Metrology, the science of measurement, plays a crucial role in the sustainability of the agri-food sector

food safety

Food safety: actions do not always match good intentions

Food safety is a topic that greatly interests the public, even if personal behaviors do not always fully align with the expressed intentions


The European project Aquaserv starts, involving the infrastructure of METROFOOD.

The kickoff of AQUASERV took place in recent weeks: it is a European project, launched in April 2024 and lasting for five years, bringing together scientists from different fields to boost research and innovation in sectors such as aquaculture and marine biotechnology, thus helping the EU progress towards a sustainable blue economy.

Locandina evento

METROFOOD-EPI webinars on saffron cultivation in the era of climate change on 16 and 17 May

Crocus sativus L (saffron crocus) is a traditional cultivation in certain Mediterranean countries (Greece, Spain, Italy), Morocco and of vital importance for Iran, India and Afghanistan agricultural sectors.