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Strengthening of the Italian Research Infrastructure for Metrology and Open Access Data in support to the Agrifood



METROFOOD-IT offers a set of R&D services and access to its various physical facilities across Italy (laboratories and plants) and e-resources (e.g., Apps, software, models) and open data in support to the digitalization of the agrifood system.

The facilities can be used for experiments, testing, and studies with scientific or technological objectives to address diverse basic and applied questions related to, e.g., food quality & safety, traceability, food transparency, sustainability and resilience of agrifood systems, and circular economy.

Services are tailored to the four main categories of users we have identified: research/academy, policy makers/food inspection and control, food business operators (SMEs, industries, producer associations), consumers/citizens/consumer associations.

Access type:

  • Physical
  • Remote
  • Virtual
  • Combined (e.g. Physical + Remote; Physical + Virtual; Remote + Virtual)

 Access mode:

  • Subsidised/Transnational Access*
  • Full cost R&D services
  • Collaborative R&D (specific IPR conditions will apply)
  • Technical assistance

* Transnational Access ensures free of charge access to our research facilities. Apart from the cost of research itself, travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs may or may not be reimbursed by the projects budget. Specific conditions will be reported in the announcement of each call. This opportunity is open to all European users and – under specific conditions - to users from non-EU Countries.

METROFOOD-IT will launch periodic calls for subsidising access to selected services.

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